My teachings focus on the precise inner and outer alignment of postures, combined with the fluidity of Vinyasa - an integration of the traditions of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Iyengar Yoga - watered with sense of humor and love.  This, along with the study of pranayama, meditation, Indian philosophy and kirtan, the student experiences a holistic practice that provides support in their day-to-day life.  

I started to practice Yoga in 1995 and have been teaching for over a decade. Throughout my years of studying, I came to realize the interdependence of different, yet complementary, schools of Yoga. The insight my mother imparted, that is the core of the teachings of yoga - a path of finding balance, union and realization of our essence – is also a message that echoes through the philosophies of other teacher who have been meaningful to me. The blend of different backgrounds followed by an open-minded view, has inspired me to develop a practice of integration.

I am inspired to develop a practice of integration

Thus, my service as a teacher is to offer:

  • The teachings of Yoga, that includes a practice on and off the mat
  • Yoga as integration, an intimate experience and source for happiness
  • The principles and understanding of precise asana alignment, focusing on the inner and outer form, combined with vinyasa
  • The teachings of pranayama as a way to further open up our dimension of reality, heal and reconnect with all beings
  • An understanding to the importance of a meditation practice in order to cultivate stability and compassion
  • A context of Indian philosophies and its application to one’s life
  • The practice of chanting mantras through the enchanted experience of kirtan

I hope to channel what I have learned and contribute to the community by helping practitioners:

  • Find more balance in their lives, to quiet the mind and to be more stable
  • Develop the space for self-reflection and growth, increase awareness and apply mindfulness to the everyday
  • Apply correct alignment in order to safely progress in their asana practice
  • Use yoga as a tool for healing and transformation, restructure habits and apply changes
  • Develop respect and responsibility for one’s community, to live more consciously and in integration with all beings
  • Connect with their hearts, and to develop compassion and acceptance
  • Smile and soften

Let’s connect, practice and grow together

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