Workshops are suited for students who want to expand their knowledge of yoga by exploring a range of different techniques that includes asana inner and outer alignment form, pranayama, meditation, and Indian philosophy. Since regular class lengths are limited, in weekend workshops (12, 16 or 18 hours in length) it is possible to gain more information.

Raphael usually spends part of the workshop focused on a selected theme drawn from ancient texts and scriptures, followed by breathing exercises and breaking down an alignment-based vinyasa class. Thus, in each section students will focus on different parts of the body, while maintaining the philosophical theme, and incorporate pranayama and meditation.

Throughout the course the student will have an opportunity to slow down, refine and pay attention to the subtleties of the practice. The integration of Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga traditions, as tools for healing and transformation, will enable the student to cultivate balance and equanimity.

The workshops are designed for participants of varying levels, from raw beginners to teachers, and are usually held at yoga studios in different countries.