A 5 day immersion is a practical and theoretical short training designed for intermediate to advanced students interested in deepening their practice with a comprehensive study of inner and outer alignment in the context of Indian philosophy, chanting, asana, pranayama and meditation.

The mornings start with pranayama allowing the energetic body to be balanced, followed by an asana sequence focused on proper alignment where we learn how to rhythmically integrate the patterns of the breath (prana and apana), the heart of Vinyasa, with movement in order to transform the mind.

In the afternoons, using meditation to delve deeper into the inner body, we will allow waves of sensations, memories and habits unfold, creating a better understanding of the self and its paradox with reality. The studies of the sutras will be a reference to guide us along this continual path of new / old experiences, towards balance and equanimity. And, to close the day, we will go back to a more dynamic practice, learning different techniques of adjustments (partner work) and studies of subtle and physical anatomy in the asana clinic.

You will learn:

  • Indian philosophy
  • An introduction to chanting
  • Asana break down practice (alignment base vinyasa)
  • Asana clinic: adjustment and Q&A
  • Physical and subtle anatomy
  • Pranayama and bandhas
  • Kriya
  • Mudras
  • Sitting and walking meditation
  • Kirtan

If you are seek for a short term, intensive training (mini teacher training as I like to call), a 5 day immersion is an opportunity to broaden your understanding of yoga gaining insights of the practice through a holistic approach. Take it as a chance to gradually evolve in your practice on a physical, mental and spiritual level.