I was 7 years old when my mother first enrolled my brother and I in a kid’s yoga school in São Paulo. I remember every Sunday my father would drive us to a spacious studio in the basement of a large house packed with children. We would learn playful asana, pranayama and meditation, combined with theater that we eventually performed for our parents and in small festivals around the city. Ever since, I knew yoga would always be a part of my life.


Born in Brazil, into a house of devotion, some of my earliest memories are of my mother chanting mantras before meals, sitting with her meditation group at our home, and joining her Hatha yoga asana lessons at Yoga Sampoorna (her sweet yoga shala).  She provided me with a foundation in yogic philosophy, vegetarianism and taught me how to be a conscious human being.

My passion for practice led me to complete my first Yoga Teacher Training in 2006, with one of Brazil’s most influential teachers, Anderson Allegro. That same year, I also began studying for my Bachelor’s degree in Social Communications that would provide me with other tools to complement my teachings of yoga.

While studying at university, I began teaching yoga to teenagers to help them enhance their concentration in the classroom, as well as understand their own feelings during such a challenging and awkward phase in their lives.  I also taught at many different studios in Brazil during those four years.  It still surprises me, looking back, that at a young age, I was able to earn a level of respect to teach other adults. However, I knew what I had to share was genuine and that I could and was helping others.

In 2010, I had the opportunity to move to Shanghai where I continued to teach yoga for over four years at Y+ Yoga center, one of the most respected yoga studios in China.  I used that time in China to travel and teach more broadly across country, as well as the Asian region. It has been fascinating and a great privilege to share the principles of yoga and help grow a nascent yet gifted community.

My approach to teaching centers largely on the idea of “integration” and through this, helping students find balance in their lives and cultivate mindfulness.


I blend proper Alignment and Vinyasa, predominantly integrating the traditions of Ashtanga Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga, along with pranayama, meditation, kirtan and Indian philosophies - watered with sense of humor and love.

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity over the years to further my studies with some very well-respected teachers:  Dharma Mittra, through his kindness, taught me about moral uprightness, ethics, correct diet and a genuine approach to a holistic lifestyle. With Doug Keller and his incomparable knowledge in physical anatomy, my eyes were opened to a therapeutic approach of yoga.

In 2013, a dear friend introduced me to the incomparable Richard Freeman. Ever since, annually, I have studied the inner and outer form of postures, the relationship of prana and apana, chanting of mantras, and Indian philosophy with him. I have profound admiration and tremendous gratitude for his teachings, breadth and depth of knowledge, and his sense of humor. He is the teacher whom has most significantly influenced my approach to yoga, helping me deepen it and by inspiring me to become a better human being overall.

“Yoga is the practice of drawing and erasing circles”

Richard Freeman

Complementing my yoga practice, I started following the teachings of Michael Stone.  His online courses and podcasts on Yoga, Western psychology and Buddhism have nurtured me and acted as a gateway to my interests in Buddhism.  After moving to NYC in 2015, I sought further enrichment through studying Tibetan Buddhism at Columbia University with the legendary Bob Thurman.

I currently travel and teach internationally leading classes, workshops, immersion, retreats and teacher trainings. For more information, please visit the Teachings page.